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Product Information

DynaTropin© is a growth hormone secretagogue (GH stimulator) that contains a blend of natural products that have been shown to increase the production and release of your own Growth Hormone. DynaTropin’s  active ingredients are blended in a liposomal solution which enhances the absorption and delivery of the product’s ingredients. 

After over 15 years of clinical use, DynaTopin© is now being  released directly to the consumer after years of documentation by national and international medical communities validating its safety and effectiveness.  DynaTropin© works by stimulating known pathways in the brain that boost production of Growth Hormone while you sleep. 

According to the medical literature, the benefits from a healthy level of growth hormone are many and include: fat loss, improved mental and emotional status, improved thyroid hormone production (T3), improved kidney Vitamin D production, reduction of inflammation, reduced homocysteine, reduced blood sugar, improved wound healing, improved cystic fibrosis, improved muscle myosin production, improvement of a failing heart, stimulates tendon collagen synthesis, improved bone density and improved post-operative lung functioning.